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Pro-Arb Machinery is your premier destination for high-quality wood grinder services in Tyne and Wear. At Pro-Arb, we bring you years of experience and a deep-rooted connection to the city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. We are your trusted partner for all your wood grinding needs.

Our dedicated Pro-Arb team understands the challenges faced by arborists, contractors, and tree surgeons in efficient wood grinding. That's why we offer a range of solutions designed to make your projects easier and more productive.

Our wood chipper hire services cover all areas in North and South Tyneside. Give our team a call for a free quote on 0191 9174345.

Our Wood Chippers For Hire


Top Benefits of Our Wood Chippers for Tree Surgeons, Foresters and Landscape Gardeners Across Tyneside

High-Quality Wood Chippers

Our selection of wood chippers is carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of tree surgeons, foresters and landscape gardeners. From heavy-duty to portable and road-towable options, we have the perfect wood chipper for every project. Reduce the labour-intensive work of a saw and save time cutting up brash with a powerful machine. Choose from Towed wood chippers or Tracked wood chippers. View our range of choices below.

Efficient and Reliable Performance

Our Först wood chippers bring powerful engines and quad force hydraulic rollers, ensuring optimal performance even in the toughest conditions. With a maximum diameter infeed of 160mm (6"), our wood chippers can handle a wide range of materials, shredding up to 4 tonnes per hour.

Precise and Consistent Results

We take pride in delivering exceptional chip sizes, with an average chip size of 18mm. This ensures that you can transform brash into saleable wood chips effectively. This maximises the number of tree arisings your van or truck can carry and helps you to gain better returns.


What's The Perfect Wood Chipper For Me?

We have a new fleet as of 2022 of professional Först wood chippers for hire. All Först wood chippers are highly renowned for being quality wood-chipping machines. Your intended use should dictate which Först wood chipper hire you choose.

With our new Först wood chippers for hire, you have a choice from the best quality wood-chipping machines.

Here's a guide to help you decide which wood chipper is best for you. What do you need it for?


Towed Wood Chipper Hire

HIRE FÖRST ST6P – A Light Weight Wood Chipper With Letter Box Infeed

This is an aggressive towed, sub 750 kg, fuel-efficient petrol machine with a letter box 6 x 8-inch infeed. If your chip site is easily accessible on a relatively flat surface and you want to chip small pieces of brash, this is the perfect machine. It will chip diameters of up to 6 inches, and the intelligent feed material system will slow large-diameter material throughput. If you intend to chip lots of larger diameter material or have a large amount of awkward brash to chip, such as Hawthorne, it may be that you should choose a larger machine to keep you working at optimum speed.

Hire our Först ST6P

Forst ST 6 Wood Chipper Available for Hire in York, Yorkshire by Pro Arb Machinery


This 55hp diesel woodchipper is has a 8” by 10” letter box infeed for ease of feeding. This wood chipper is superb if you have large amount of larger diameter wood to chip on a site that is relatively easy to gain access to.

Hire our Först ST8D


Tracked Wood Chipper Hire

HIRE FÖRST TR6D – A Tracked Wood Chipper For Harder To Reach Areas

The Först TR6D is the ideal wood chipper for those hard-to-get to areas where chipping onto the ground is acceptable. It is a tracked machine that can be tailored to site and left using its fast track system to manoeuvre over bumps and rough terrain or gain access to places too narrow for a vehicle.

Hire our Först TR6D

Forst TR 6 D Tracked 6inch wood chipper for hire in York by Pro Arb Machinery
Forst TR8 8inch tracked wood chipper for hire in York, Yorkshire by Pro Arb Machinery

HIRE FÖRST TR8D – Aggressive Chipping Power On Uneven Terrain

The Först TR8D boasts a large 55hp diesel engine capable of high through with a wide 8” by 10” letterbox infeed for larger diameter logs and tough brash such as hawthorn. The TR8D has Först’s original track system suitable for uneven terrain. But not suited to working on embankments. See below for information on the Först XR8D.

Hire our Först TR8D


HIRE FÖRST XR8D – King Of The Bank

The Först XR8D wood chipper takes wood-chipping performance to the trickiest of locations. Its Traxion Embankment system allows huge ground clearance and will climb banks up to 35 degrees.

The Först XR8D offers the same large 55hp diesel engine and 8” by 10” chipping capacity

Hire our Först XR8D

Forst Tracked XR8 Wood Chipper for Hire in York, Yorkshire by Pro Arb Machinery

Do please also take a look at our full range of wood chippers for sale
and used wood chippers at competitive prices.


Get a Competitive Quote for Wood Chipper Hire in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

The cost of renting a wood chipper depends on the size of the machine and the duration of the rental. At Pro-Arb, we offer competitive rates based on the number of wood chippers you require (starting at one) and the length of hire (starting at one day).

We are pleased to provide delivery across North and South Tyneside, and we welcome you to contact us for a free quote today.

Why Choose Pro-Arb Machinery For Wood Chipper Hire?

There are many reasons to choose us for wood chipper hire in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, including:

  • We have a wide range of Först wood chippers available to suit your needs.
  • New fleet as of 2022
  • We offer competitive rates and can deliver anywhere across North and South Tyneside.
  • We take care of maintenance and servicing.
  • We have years of experience in the industry and can provide expert advice.

If you’re looking for wood chipper hire in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne or anywhere in Tyneside, please get in touch. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a free quote. Use the quick form below or give us a call on 0191 9174345.

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