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Robotic Flail Hire Services

Robotic flail hire services are becoming increasingly popular, especially among vegetation clearance companies, tree surgeons, farmers and those who manage large tracts of land. A robotic flail is a mechanical arm attached to a tractor or other all-terrain vehicle.  

Our remote control Energreen Robo flail is equipped with a rotating drum with fixed or swinging hammers for different materials. Swinging hammers allow for greater productivity when dealing with large amounts of soft vegetation. Fixed hammers are more durable and better suited to woody vegetation.  

The Energreen Robo Evo Fail runs over vegetation, including small trees, shrubs, grass & brambles. Robotic flails are much more efficient than traditional methods of cutting vegetation, such as manual labour or using a mower, which more rigid materials could damage.  

Our Energreen Robo Evo flail can cover a larger area in a shorter time and does not require the operator to stop and rest as often. Robotic flails are also safer than mowers because they are less likely to cause injuries to people or animals. They are ideal for busy highways or steep slopes.

Benefits Of Using A Robotic Flail 

 Robotic flails offer many advantages over other methods of clearing vegetation.  

First, they are much more effective at cutting through tough plants and debris due to the rotating hammers, which can quickly pulverize even the most stubborn small trees and vegetation.  

This model ensures safe working, as the Energreen Robo Evo Flail comes with a remote control so that the operator can stand at a safe distance and easily manoeuvre the Robo flail over the vegetation that requires clearing. 

This is much safer, reducing the risk of accidents from traditional cutting methods with dangerous machinery such as chainsaws. The risk of manual strain is also eliminated. 

The Energreen Robo Evo Flail does not get tired, so your work rate does not dip in the afternoon, and you can continue productive working towards the end of the day.  

Safely work on steep bankings. The Energreen Robo Evo Flail can safely work on bankings up to 55°.

What Is Included In Remote Control Robotic Flail Hire

We offer remote control robotic flail Hire in Yorkshire, with delivery available anywhere in North England. Robotic flail hire also includes familiarisation with the machine and assumes the hirer is an experienced operator or qualified to use such a machine.

Remote Control Flail Hire

Our Energreen Robo Evo flail comes with a durable, easy-to-use remote control