Boxer Compact Loaders

About the Boxer range

Boxer Equipment develops a wide range of lightweight yet heavy-duty machines that generate an impressive amount of hydraulic power to lift, move, and dig faster than any other product on the market. The choice of contractors and rental organisations, the Boxer is one of the most versatile, reliable and productive traction units in the world.

Boxer Equipment has the following model series: the X7 chipper and the 300, 600 and 700 series compact utility loaders, built to handle a full complement of more than 50 universal attachments. The Boxer’s standard quick-attach system lets the user quickly and easily switch from a bucket to fork to auger or other tools for optimum on-the-job flexibility and bottom-line performance.

Why Boxer?

The Boxer compact utility loader is an innovative machine that reduces the costs of performing key tasks and the process of improving the environments in which people live and work. Developed to replace hand labour, the Boxer provides a cost-effective, terrain-friendly solution for landscapers, irrigation contractors, plumbers, electricians, and property owners as they dig, trench, till, auger, demo, place materials, and perform a multitude of other tasks.

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