Boost Your Bottom Line: 5 Ways Tree Surgeons Can Increase Profitability

Are you a tree surgeon, landscaper, gardener or contractor looking to see how you can add to your list of services?

In this article, you’ll learn how to elevate your tree care business by using key equipment to maximise income. So, let’s dive in.

The common challenge you might face: maximising income without spreading yourself too thin. It’s a tough balancing act, right? But with the right tools, you’ll not only make your job easier but also significantly boost your profits.

Let’s break down how specialised equipment can be a game changer for your business.

1. Economise with the FSI D60 Stump Grinder

A tree surgeon can enjoy the FSI wheeled and remote control Stump grinder

Stump grinding can be tough, but not if the tree surgeon has the FSI D60 Stump Grinder. This equipment is perfect for intensive stump removal jobs.

Strategic Job Planning

Whether hiring or buying this machine, its work capacity is often not limited by its grinding ability, but by transport to and from job sites.

To make the most of the D60, plan jobs in batches based on location to minimise transport time and cost. Also, consider scheduling longer rental periods for several small jobs at a discount, rather than short, one-off rentals when a smaller, cheaper grinder such as the D30 might be more suitable.

Enhance Your Competitive Edge

By reducing your costs with efficient equipment like the D60, you can offer more competitive rates or faster turnaround times—both appealing options for clients.

To Buy or Hire?

The D60 is a serious piece of kit that can blast through tree stumps at a huge pace, you need a lot of work to sustain a machine like this. Unless you specialise and have a lot of work for the stump grinder, hiring may be a better option.

Hiring a stump grinder means you do not need to worry about servicing or maintenance and allows you to price for one-off jobs where specialist machinery might be a huge help even if you already have a small stump grinder the extra efficiency of the D60 might be well worth the hire price by increasing your efficiency and keeping tough hours of your smaller machine that may struggle with the larger jobs.

2. Increase Efficiency with a Compact Loader


For jobs in tight spaces, a compact loader is incredibly effective. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s also about looking after your team.

Impact on Employee Welfare

Less strain on your workers means higher morale and reduced risk of injuries. Happy team, happy life, right?


Let's say you have a number of large trees to take down in an area with tight access. Your van can't get to the timber, but it still needs removing.

Your team can dismantle the trees and process the timber into lengths suitable for removal. you can then hire the


3. Boost Site Clearance Efficiency with the Stella Racoon 95

Stella Racoon 95 Ride-on Flail Mower

The Stella Racoon 95 Ride-on Flail Mower isn’t just another piece of equipment—it’s your secret weapon for efficient site clearance.

Robotic Flail to the Rescue

A tree surgeon can use a mower that tackles tough terrain effortlessly, preserving your energy and that of your team by reducing the physical demand of site clearance tasks.

Safety and Time-Saving

Imagine clearing a steep, cluttered site. The Racoon 95 handles this with ease, keeping your crew safe and slashing job time, which translates directly into cost savings.

4. Diversify Services with Grass Cutting Contracts

Stella Racoon ride on grass mower cutting grass

Consistent revenue streams? Yes, please! By adding regular grass cutting contracts, you’re not just filling in the gaps between bigger jobs; you’re also building a loyal customer base.

Tips for Service Development

Offer package deals or seasonal services that align with your current offerings. This strategy not only keeps your calendar full but also turns one-time clients into repeat customers.

5. Expand Capabilities with the Först XR8 Wood Chipper

Forst Tracked XR8 Wood Chipper for Hire in York, Yorkshire by Pro Arb Machinery for the tree surgeon

Thinking about taking on bigger projects or working in challenging terrain? Meet the Först XR8 Wood Chipper. This beast is not just any chipper; it’s your next business upgrade. 

Ideal for handling larger jobs with ease, the XR8 enhances your capability to take on lucrative contracts that smaller equipment just can’t manage.

How Does It Save Time and Costs?

The XR8’s Larger engine and capacity means it can process more material faster, reducing man-hours on the job. Imagine you’re clearing a large site that may have uneven terrain and a large amount of brash. Instead of multiple days, the XR8 could help you wrap up in just one, slashing labour costs dramatically.

Real-Life Efficiency Boost

Consider this scenario: you’re tasked with clearing a five-acre area littered with a range of trees and bushes. You can drop and process the trees then hire a bigger chipper the  Först XR8 and reduce the amount of time chipping. What might have been a week-long task with a smaller chipper now only takes a couple of days, allowing you to move on to the next job quicker. That’s efficiency at its best!

Wrapping Up How Tree Surgeons Can Increase Profitability

Who knew equipment could be such a pivotal part of your business strategy?

Choose tools that elevate efficiency and expand your service offerings. You’re then set to not only meet but exceed your business goals.

Remember, it’s about working smarter, not harder. Ready to kick your business growth into high gear? Let’s get those trees cared for and the profits soaring!

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